May 01, 2017

The Hottest Celeb Jewelry in Vogue
By Dee Alausa

What exactly gives all of our favourite celebrities the motivation to wear such fine pieces of jewelry from the most popular luxurious brands and finest jewelers across the globe? Of Course, popular amongst the most famous rappers and pop artist making the top charts, it seems as if a jesus piece, cross pendant, or even a custom gold chain is more of a necessity than something optional. I'll be covering my top 3 favorite jewelry pieces in which I have seen some of the most influential artist sporting!

Quavo of the rap group ‘’migos’’ is known for updating his jewelry game at least 3-4 times a month. I have seen him sporting anything from a diamond infested choker chain to his most recent $35,000 purchase on a new rose gold piece and Napoleon pendant covered in over 300 diamonds at a total weight of 10 carats. The migos do not wear anything that will not blind you upon setting your eyes upon it. Their diamonds are often referred to as ‘’water’’ due to the similar glistening effect water has when the sun shines upon it, they say this because their diamonds shine the same way.

Riff Raffis known for always stealing the spotlight, his unique and rather weird style reflects in the pieces of jewelry he rocks! His most popular piece is definitely the shark teeth grill or as he calls it “aquaberry diamond shark teeth grill”. Ok, now the Riff Raff grill can't just be worn by anybody you need to have the confidence in style he does, the sharp blue tone in the grill and jagged edges to 

Beyonce most certainly has one of the most expensive rings amongst her celebrity friends, it's obvious that Jay-Z ‘’liked it’’ so much that he had to put a ring on it ---- a massive 5 million dollar 20-carat engagement ring by Lorraine Schwartz that is. When I read this price my jaw dropped, not because of the price of the ring but because it is not the most expensive documented ring. Elizabeth Taylor's ring was purchased for a whooping 8.8 Million dollars.

Although some of these pieces of jewelry of extremely priced, they do not lack in individuality and quality to say the least. Some people buy exotic cars, some people cash out on houses, and some people spend their money on luxury jewelry. Of course you don't need to spend $35,000 on jewelry to get amazing quality, industry pieces offers jewelry from when your pockets are tight all the way to more expensive things. Check us out!