April 01, 2017

The Ancient History Of The Ever So Famous Grillz

By Dee Alausa

   As grillz of today are in style and a huge fashion statement amongst rappers and artist of all different genres, they are surprisingly not a new addition to jewelry. In fact grills have been around for a huge amount of time now, they have been appearing and reappearing in different colors, styles and designs. The grillz of today are not only used by famous rappers but can now be seen sported by musicians like Miley Cyrus, athletes  and average people such as you and I. The stereotypical view of the grill has changed lately and is much more socially acceptable being worn by those who want to add a more unique touch to their style.

The grillz of today are more than just a piece of jewelry, especially when custom. Everyone has their own reason to wear them, their own way of wearing them and the time they do. I personally believe sporting a grill piece with a suit, to add some controversy to my outfit is the way to go, instead of a full out stereotypical outfit, this also helps to state the fact that grillz are not only worn by gangsters and hoodlums, but can be added to a young successful individuals style, just like a ring or bracelet.

   ‘’Rob the jewelry store and tell 'em make me a grill Add the whole top diamond and the bottom row's gold’. These are the lyrics to Nelly’s music video ‘’Grillz’’ a song dedicated wholly to the tradition of grills and mouth jewelry, he proceeds to mention how grillz show the financial standing of an individual and the level of success in which one has obtained in order to fill his or her mouth with solid gold.

It is honestly crazy how far grills have gotten and how many sub-genres of grills there are available today. Industry pieces, a company who produces and sells urban jewelry offers a ridiculous amount of  grills from custom grillz starting at $6,000 to more average grillz that sell for around $20.  I guess you can say that industry pieces are on ‘’another level’’ when it comes to this business. There is something to fit everyone's personal needs and budgets & definitely something that won't only make your teeth stand out dramatically, but show off your sense of style to the world around you as well. When you’re wearing grills you're not only throwing gold in your mouth, you’re representing a world of fine history behind it.

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